Chase Metals


The de5ign brief

Chase London Metals deal in one of the most lucrative of all alternative investments: Rare Earth Metals. The client wanted a logo designed to create a brand to sit within this sector. Once this was established they then required marketing material in the form of stationary and brochures.

The de5ign solution

We decided to design a logo that was made up from 17 versions of a vignette style shape to reflect the 17 elements of metal. The brochure was designed with just greyscale images because the information was the key aspect of this product with the images just added to create some balance between the read the visual aspect, therefore full colour images could over power the composition which the client was in agreement with.

What de5ign clients say

“The guys at Total Design Works looked after me from start to finish with my logo branding and brochure. I would highly recommend them.”

Sonny Morgan

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