Larry The London Bus


The de5ign brief

We had a meeting with Jake, the Publisher who explained his idea with us about producing a series of children's story books and we really loved the sound of the idea and just had to work with him and his team in a creative capacity.

The de5ign solution

We produced the logo for Larry The London Bus which was then passed onto a 3D designer to replicate into digital form. We are responsible for designing each title that focuses on a different character and journey whilst also producing email marketing shots and advertising visuals for the clients social media handles. The brand continues to develop and expand across both a print and digital platform and we aim to keep up the current standard and ultimately improve as each title is produced.

What de5ign clients say

“TDW delivered on time and at a fair price with my children's book idea Larry the London Bus and Friends. I would highly recommend Stewart and his team to anyone considering using their creative services.”

Jake Stevens

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